Wellness by Design guides the population into a healthier lifestyle by combining the expertise of our dieticians in clinical services and the proficiency of our nutritionist in healthy catering services. Our mission is not only to provide a weight management program, but also a whole body care and a nutritional awareness to make life healthier and happier following all the guidelines and quality control standards.


Community awareness is the goal of our active dieticians through seminars and media expedition, because we believe that the health awareness is one of the bases for a healthier population. Our target is beyond the limits of our clinics in UAE, we tend to avail our services in all the GCC countries and enrich the resident knowledge about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a long term.

Why Wellness by Design?

Wellness by Design is an American based company, and now it is being launched in Dubai, bringing in the latest and greatest of healthcare services, protocols and concepts to be adopted in our different clinics and centers. Leading a highly customer focused way of delivering our services and treatments, and ensuring the clients satisfaction is always exceeding the expectations ensuring that we give our clients the best experience ever.

All our clinics and dieticians follow high level standards that are qualified by our main branch in USA and adopt a special protocol been implemented in wellness by design Alabama branch, allowing them to fill the gap and the growing needs in our community for a nutrition center that offers professional educated counseling. Using up to date tools and methodologies such as special body analyzer, blood tests and gene test we are able to offer very specific, customized, precise and effective dietary approach.