Nutritionist Doctor is writing a prescription. Focus on fruit

Clinical Consultation

Dietitians are an essential part of the multidisciplinary team. Nutrition care can prevent malnutrition, improve nutritional status as well as improve or decrease the impact of many conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity.

Our clinical dieticians in charge of the assessment of the nutritional status of the patients are using the latest tools for body analysis that estimate your body age and the exclusive blood and body tests in wellness by design.

Based on the assessment and wellness by design protocol, a personalized nutrition plan is conceived to manage each condition. Every client will receive a booklet containing healthy recipes that suits his condition.

Our therapeutic plans includes: diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy and lactation, digestive disorders, aging, osteoporosis, cardio vascular health, celiac disease (Gluten free diet), weight loss/weight gain/weight maintenance, oxidant/skin and muscle building diet for athletes.

And according to wellness by design protocol, physical activity is an essential part of wellbeing, for that, each patient will receive a CD and a booklet illustrating some physical activity training special for his case and tests results.

Nutrition Assessment
Body Composition Analysis
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Healthy Recommendation and Educational Material