Lama Al NaeliBoard Member & Regional Director - Nutrition

Co-Founder & Director, Master Degree in Health and Nutrition science – California – USA

Lama Al Naeli is nationally known Nutritionist and clinical dietitian having several years of extensive experience in nutrition, health, wellness and natural living. She did her bachelors in Food Engineering from Syria followed by Masters in Health & Nutritional Sciences from California, USA. She managed & attended wellness clinics in Syria then in UAE and through the power of nourishment she could change people’s lives all over the world.

She is pursuing her ambition of “Let your food be your medicine”through her comprehensive writing, print & electronic media presence, personal appearances and private practices.She has a unique way of using mix methodologies and the last recent medical technologies and lab tests to customize the Wellness programs for her patients (i.e. Medical weight management).

Besides being the Brand Health Ambassador for Nestlé, She is the official Health and Diet Speaker for more than 10 local and International TV & radio channels including MBC Group TV, Sky News Arabia, and Dubai TV. Her weekly columns in Arabic magazines and newspapers along with her daily social media postings are followed by thousands of people from the region. Besides attending many international conferences in the Health & Nutrition field, Lama Al Naeli holds the honor of being the keynote speaker indifferent national conferences.

She is a member of American Dietitian Association &Canadian Diabetes Association. She is actively involved in different medical awareness campaigns and holds the title of Health advisor for Down Syndrome Association and Autism Association.

Lama can fluently speak English & Arabic and has a very friendly nature.