Suzana BouEzzedineDietitian


Having graduated from Notre Dame University (NDU), Lebanon with a bachelor of science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Suzana went on to complete her training in Ain W Zein hospital, Bakaata Al shouf where she worked in many fields.During her internship, Suzana assessed, diagnosed and treated nutritional-related diseases.

Suzana was also able to educate and help patients to have a healthy life style, where she always provided health advice and promoted healthy eating. She always tried to raise awareness about healthy eating and general health by conducting nutritional presentation, workshops and TV shows.

Suzana was born in Brazil and moved to her home country, Lebanon, where she was raised.She graduated as a clinical dietitian and got her license in nutrition & dietetics from the ministry of public health in Lebanon.

Suzana moved to Dubai 3 years ago, and worked in a polyclinic as a clinical dietitian where she consulted patients with different cultural background and nutritional cases. She helped patients lose weight in a healthy way.She combined the diet plans with different slimming sessions that helped the patients reach their target weight in a faster way.

Areas of interest
• Weight loss &weight management
• Overweight &obesity
• Slimming machines
• Food intolerance
• Cholesterol & Triglyceride diet management
• Hypertension diet management